Best Tailgate Games

Sports fans rejoice! Pre-game tailgating is an art, and we are the muse you’ve been waiting for. Help your team win the game by enjoying these games in the parking lot of the stadium!


#1  Washer Toss - Team Set

Washers top our Best Tailgate Games list because it's so portable and compact.  Washers provide the same great shot celebrations as Beer Pong and Cornhole but in a simpler, shorter test of skill.   Washers don't require a large playing field or any accessories, just two or more players  willing to compete and kill some time before the big game.  The mechanics of the sport are easy - points are awarded for washers tossed in the box and more points for a center piece score.  Break this game out next time you're tailgating.    

#2  Flip Cup - Team Table

What a great way to get pumped for the game.  Flip Cup is a wonderful team event wherein players drink the contents of the cup (usually a few ounces), then try to flip the cup upright onto the table. This table is great for up close and personal flip cup battles.  The table features a built in cooler and drink holders with  a mesh top in case the flip cup game gets messy.  At only 12 pounds and an official logo carrying tote, the  table is sure to be a long time hit for flip cup and general tailgate fun.   The game of flip needs cups, so get your favorite team's cups here

#3  Cornhole - Team Boards

If you're going to Cornhole in the parking lot, it better be with the boards of the team you're rooting for.   This featured set comes with matching team Cornhole bags for added team spirit! A game of Cornhole is always easy to find, so make sure you have your teams boards and bags. The competitive nature of this sport is perfect for getting primed for the sporting event in your near future.  

#4  Ladder Ball

Ladderball makes for a great tailgate game for so many reasons. First of all, the set is collapsible and lightweight, meaning you can easily fit this into the truck and set the game up quickly when you're parked and ready to party.   Ladderball will have you cheering and cursing the points as they are scored, much like the football/baseball/basketball game that you're about to watch.   

#5  Beer Pong - Team Table

Beer Pong and Tailgating are perfect together especially when you can represent your team while sinking those balls in the cups!  These tables collapse into a briefcase size tote, and are easily wiped down.  Not only is this a regulation size beer pong table, but when you're done playing, it makes for the ideal buffet table for your tailgating munchies.  Get your official team cups here.  

#6  Paper Football Field Goals

If you grew up in the USA, there's a pretty large chance you played this game on your desk as at school countless times growing up.  For our purposes, before an NFL game just have someone act as a human filed goal post and start flicking these mini football triangles through the upright arms.  This is by far my favorite tailgate pastime.  

#7 Bucket Pong

Bucket Pong is beer pong, but supersized.  Without the need to fill these buckets with the liquid of your choice, bucket pong takes on a more family friendly, game-y approach than the drinking game that inspired it.  Bucket Pong is a lot of fun, it plays easier than beer pong but should be a hit for a wide range of audience.  The entire set is made to be carried, so bringing Bucket Pong to the tailgating parking lot is a breeze!

#8  Cards - Team Decks

Play whatever card game you want with everyone - including the opposing team fans.  Our most played tailgate card games are Asshole, Golf, and Cup Tower.  You need the cards that represent your team - it's just a must.  There's a card game called Football wherein your gain yardage as 2 through 10 cards move you down the field, aces are touchdowns and Jack, Queen, Kings are incomplete passes, interceptions, and sacks.  This Football card game makes for a great tailgate drinking game.    

#9  Ring Toss

Ring Toss made this list because based solely on the simplicity and portability of the game.  Also, Ring Toss is not a popular adult tailgate game, but it can be if you start playing it.  The game only takes a minute to setup and breakdown.  The same toss and score mechanics of Cornhole, Horseshoes and Washers are present in this game, just dumbed down a bit.  I've played this recently at a Carolina Panther Tailgate, and to my surprise it drew a crowd of onlookers and "I got next" players.  

#10 Football Skill Toss

This is perfect for a football parking lot party.  So easy to transport and setup. Throwing footballs for accuracy is unrivaled when it comes to preparing for the game.  Enjoy the makes and blame the misses on the wind. We use this game not only at our tailgating excursions, but all the time in the common area of My personal record is 13 balls in the targets in a row from 20 feet away. Beat that.  

The ten Best Tailgate Games are fantastic ways to spend the pre-game hours.  Some of the next ten games may be more focused on tailgating concerts, beer festivals, food truck gatherings, and really anything that you want to Tailgate.    

#11  Sports Trivia

For all of our sport brainiacs out there, ESPN's Trivia Challenge will do just fine for a low key tailgate game.   This set includes 1500 general sports knowledge questions.  If you didn't know, now you'll know the answers, playa.  When Yard and Pub Games recently tailgated a Carolina Hurricanes game, we must have played this for two hours.  I won of course, but the competition was fierce. 

#12 Shot Glass Basketball

Sometimes all you need is a simple little gadget to entertain you.  This games plays out like HORSE.  If you make the basket and the next player doesn't, they take the shot glass.  The game plays out until all four of the shots are consumed, and actually nobody wins, but everyone is a little bit happier in the end.  Also great for commercial breaks during March Madness.   

#13 Party Jenga

Party Jenga at any tailgate is lock for the win. Elevate your block pulling and placing game to another level by adding rules to each block.  Party Jenga is intense and funny and quite active if you really amp up the writing on the blocks.  For an even bigger, better experience go HUGE with the Giant Jenga set and watch out when the tower tumbles!

#14 Stump

Bring a wood stump approximately waist high and enough 4 inch nails for all your tailgating friends.  Drive a number of nails equivalent to the number of players an inch into the top of your stump.  Turn by turn you flip the hammer up in the air and catch it, then try to hammer your nail into the stump.  First nail completely flush in the stump wins.  Extra attempts are awarded for trick flips.  Play at your own risk.   Check out a video here.      

#15 Spikeball

Spikeball is sweeping the nation since appearing on the television show Shark Tank.  The game plays like a 360 degree version of volleyball.  Players play in teams of two and get three total hits of the soft ball to hit the net, which sits in the center of the playing area.  Like volleyball, the goal is to hit shots that are non-returnable by your opponents.  The real fun comes in that there are no boundaries in Spikeball, all players are free to run anywhere they want after the serve.  Spikeball is as fun as it gets when it comes to high energy yard games. 

#16 Kan Jam

A new comer to the yard sports arena, Kan Jam has all the good things you want in a game.  All 4 players need focus, dexterity, determination and a drink in their hand.  This frisbee based game will test your agility, accuracy and teamwork.  Points are had when the frisbee goes into the open top via a teammate deflection or a great toss.   Perfect for tailgating a concert or playing at a music festival. 

#17 Beers-Bee

Beers-Bee goes by many names and varying scoring rules, but no matter what you call it or how you score, the game is crazy exciting and keeps you on your toes.  Throw a frisbee to knock the beer bottle from its perch while the other team attempts to catch both the frisbee and the bottle.  Beers-Bee is almost perfect fr the beach, and this particular featured set includes an awesome backpack carrying case and cooler.  

#18 Touchdown Ring Toss

Yes, this is absolutely ridiculous, and yes it is crazy fun and stupid and fun, but mostly stupid fun.  Forget about the actual scoring system and winning or losing, simply putting on the hat or throwing things at your friend is amazing.  Go ahead and get two sets because Touchdown Ring Toss is funny awesome and you'll need to give one as a gift in the near future.  The very first time I played this I loved it and so did everyone on Facebook.  

#19 Tailgate Hockey

Oh yeah!!!!  forget the skates or the roller blades.  All you need to tailgate a hockey game is a net, a few sticks and a ball/puck.  This set is easy to assemble and super easy to tote around, as it folds for easy storage and transport.   

#20 Lawn Bowling/Skittles

Until you play this tailgate game, you'll never know how much you've missed out your entire life.  It's bowling without the shoes, lanes, finger holes, and swirly chairs.  Set up Lawn Bowling a.k.a. Skittles anywhere, anytime for a quick and entertaining game.  The pins and balls are solid wood and come in several different size and color options!  Fora head to head match up grab two sets and set up opposite each other.  

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