Best Ladder Ball Sets

Ladder Ball is a recently popular game in backyard, beach, and tailgate entertainment.  The sport combines underhand throws, three tier vertical targets and bolas in which to toss.  Ladder ball can be played one on one or with teams of two.  Point are scored by landing your colored bolas onto the rungs of the ladder target.  This game is often referred to as Ladder Golf or Ladder Toss as well.  


Ladder ball is a game for all ages and skill levels.  The skill is to find the right velocity and trajectory of the bola throw.  There is a lot of luck involved once the bolas start wrapping around the horizontal rungs.  Bolas will either remain in the rung or fall further down the ladder, thus scoring less points.  It's during this time when we find the ooh and aahhs coming from players and spectators alike.  For more rules, scoring and terminology, have a look at the Ladder Ball Rules and Play post.  

Yard and Pub Games play on all types of Ladder Ball sets, and there are some designs that stand out as both sturdy and stylish.  We've played on home-made sets of PVC pipe and real golf ball bolas, but  these sets featured below are certainly superior.  We hope you enjoy our list of quality Ladder Ball games.

#1  Uber Games Premium Ladder Ball

This regulation tournament sized ladder ball set not only looks great, but it looks awesome too.  The bolas (those things you toss) are actual golf balls.  This is an important feature when purchasing a set of your own.  Everything about this ladder ball set is high-quality from the sturdy wooden construction to the brass fittings & nylon roping of the bolas.  You can also select from several different bola colors and even go big wit the double set!

#2  Ladder Golf - Tournament Edition Double Game

The Original & the Official Ladder Golf brand game for the serious golfer.  This set is clean and lean and ready to look fantastic in the backyard!  Comes complete with "The rules of Ladder Golf," as well as green and white logo golf ball bolas.  I gave this this set as a gift, and were met with many smiles and hugs thank yous.  Since then, I have of course won most of the time, but it really was the thought that counted, not the score.  

#3  GoSports Premium Metal Ladder Ball

This neat ladder toss game set is made of durable powder coated steel and built to last.  Our #3 pick was based on the fact the bolas are made of soft rubber, making it safe for indoor play as well.  There is also a built in, magnetic score keeper on each of the metal targets!  In addition, this cool set comes standard with two targets, six bolas and a carrying case.  

#4  Eastpoint Sports Go! Gater Premium Steel Ladder Ball Set

For a different look and feel, opt for this unique Ladder Ball game.  Each of the two targets is equipped with a built-in scoring system and is one of the sturdiest sets on our list!   Easy to set up and take down, the portable construction enables you to bring your ladderball game to every barbeque and party. 

#5  Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game by Yard Games

The Yard Games set comes complete with everything you need to play the game in a handy rip-resistant nylon carry bag. The high-quality ladder targets are constructed of solid hardwood with weighted bases for more stability and longevity.  Admittedly, I have not played on this particular version, but the Amazon reviews are fantastic, and the design is impeccable.  Built in score keeper is a plus and makes this game a must-have! 

Any one of these Ladder Ball sets are sure to bring you hours of fun.  All of our featured and suggested game sets come with a carrying case for transport to the park or beach or neighbors yard.  Below we have so kindly included some accessories and accompaniments that are sure to elevate your Ladder Golf experience!  

Ladder Golf Official Bolas 

An awesome way to truly customize your Ladder Golf game.  There are 8 different, vibrant colors to choose from, and at only $12.95, that's a great deal.  These are the real golf balls imprinted with the Official Ladder Golf logo.  And of course, they are the official weight and length for tournament use.  

Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss Soft Bolas 

These kid-safe soft rubber bolas are perfect for playing indoors or playing with children.   The Ladder toss Bolas are made from soft, yet durable TPR rubber.  Available in red & blue, these bolas will make a nice addition to your Ladder Toss equipment.   

Sunnydaze Outdoor Yard Drink Holders 

Yeah, you're going to need these.  Don't set your drink down on the ground like a neanderthal.  These are easy to use, brightly colored, and stable.  And if you're not enjoying a colf beverage while playing Ladder Toss, then you're doing it wrong.  the Yard drink holders are also available in a set of four.   The included tote bag is very handy for storage and transportation.  

Vorcity Scorer Pro Scoring Table 

Three unique wood grain colors to choose from.  A definite must have for accurate score keeping and more importantly, beer safety.  Don't let your beers sit on the ground waiting to be kicked over by your opponent or crawled into by a spider.  The Vorcity Scoring Table is legit.  My backyard game days wouldn't be the same without them.  They are always a source of compliments and really do look cool next to the Ladder Golf setup.       

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