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Best Bimini Hook and Ring Sets

Ring Swing is basic, addictive, frustrating, and fun as hell. That’s why it lands at number nine on our Best Pub Game list. Popular in many bars, garages and back porches, BR requires no formal training nor physical capabilities.  


You may know this pastime as Bimini Ring, Tiki Toss, Hook and Ring Game, or just Ring Swing; for our purposes, we prefer Bimini Ring or BR for short. Simply grab the ring and attempt to land it around the hook on the wall. What a simple concept. The Hooked ring technique is quite difficult until you find the sweet spot - or the sweet swing path.  From a predetermined distance typically marked on the ground with duct tape or sharpie, one simply needs to let go of the ring and let gravity and inertia take over. If you miss, the ring normally swings back and you try again. Bimini Ring is great for all ages, blood alcohol levels and venues. In our opinion there are but five Ring Swing options worth investing in. here they are:

#1  Island Ring Toss Hook and Ring Game

This is a high quality 100% bamboo, surf board shaped Ring Swing backdrop.  Of course it comes with everything you need to set up along with instructions.  Perfect for a back porch or garage game room.  We like the beachy theme and the bodacious ting the ring and hook make when they hit.  

#2  Tiki Toss Short Board Edition

The premium construction will outlast the competition - the ring is manufactured for a pass through for the paracord for sleek design and ease of adjustment. The hook is manufactured with minimal thread so when inserted into board, there won't be any thread showing. The Tiki Toss Short Board board is 100% bamboo, well-constructed, and beautiful addition to any room.  The small size fits great under a porch overhang or in a game room!  

#3  Hammer Crown Hook and Ring Game

Ring Swing & Bottle opener with bottle cap magnetic catch?  Yes please.  The magnetic catch holds about two dozen bottle caps!  I've seen the Hammer Crown  version at the Irish pub down the street, and it is a perfect fit.  This one has a great old fashioned feel, and could easily be used indoors or outside.  

#4  Viva Sol Bimini Ring Game

This beautifully-designed, all-wood target with Walnut finish looks amazing!  I love the look of the oil rubbed hook and ring.  We recommend this Bimini Ring Set be used inside. as the finish may peel when placed outdoors.  Also, the super-strong double sided tape is a great option if you don't want to screw into the walls!  

#5  Hook and Ring Game Essentials Kit

As named, this kit includes the bare necessities needed to set up a Bimini Ring Swing game. This set comes with 8' of string, a hook, an eye hook, mounting screws, and a ring with a pass through.  Follow the provided instructions, and start playing in minutes.  We started out with one of these kits and used a drink coaster as a hook backboard.   

Bimini Ring Swing originated in the Carribean islands as a social game and unintentionally, a meditative experience. The smooth swing and delightful ting of the ring/hook is really something special. Best enjoyed with a few frineds and cold ones, BR provides almost endless enjoyment. Should you miss, you have to try again, and subsequently if you hook the ring, you are compelled to give it another go for two or three or four in a row. Note: more than three in a row is fantastic and you should share with your social media followers immediately.

We here at the headquarters play competitively of course. We play three rounds of ten shots each. Most rings on hook wins. Conservatively, I would say we hook 30% of the time. BR is not like riding a bicycle in that it comes back to you immediately. You must find the groove each new time you step up to the line. That being said, we have some pointers for playing well and getting the most from the Ring Swing game.

  • Use a slight right to left or left to right swing arc. Swinging the ring straight at the hook just won’t do it. You’ll almost always bounce off the front of the hook.
  • Just let go. Most set ups don’t require you push the ring. Let gravity do its thing and gently release the ring. The faster the ring approaches the hook, the more chance for error.
  • Do not throw the ring out of frustration. Many of strings have snapped or people hit when this happens. Embrace the difficulty, and settle into the slow & low tempo to truly transcend into Bimini nirvana.
  • From time to time, let the ring hang straight down from the ceiling to allow the string to uncoil itself.  

Ring Swing does not have any true accessories to enhance the play. However, having the right atmosphere certainly does. A lively crowd, cold beverages and reggae music is not only awesome in itself, but sets the Bimini Ring vibe right. That being said, our favorite way to play is with the following vices and devices.

Set of 4 Premium Beer Glasses

Yard and Pub Games ordered these a few months back as a change of pace from our usual pint glasses. Made in the USA, these impressive and durable 16 oz. pint glasses look cool, and always nab a compliment from a newcomer.  Enjoy an ice cold lager in one of these sleek  glasses while you cuss the day you ever tried Ring Swing or celebrate the six in a row hooked! 

House of Marley Get Together Speaker

What amazing sound from a super-stylish wireless Bluetooth speaker!  I was able to pair up to this speaker the very first time I tried, and we all know that's a rarity.   This speaker has provided us hours of listening time while we Bimini Ring Swing, Cornhole and Croquet our way around a Saturday afternoon.   We can't recommend this speaker enough.  Looks cool, sounds great for up to eight hours and charges up in no time!

Behrens Oval Steel Beer & Ice Tub

Available in seven different capacities, Behrens oval tubs are perfect for using as a beer and ice cooler/server.  These tubs are Made in the USA of durable hot dipped steel, sealed to hold liquids and has a wire reinforced top rim. Stronger than plastic, this tub won't absorb odors and is recyclable.  Yard And Pub Games always has one of these out back to save our selves the arduous trip inside to grab a cold one. 

Ring & Hook Toss is for everybody. Me, you, your momma and your cousin too. It’s the gift for someone who has almost everything, a cool addition to a back porch, garage or local beer garden. If you’ve read our Garage Games article, you know we know what we're talking about. Ring swing has been given away to the loser of the event each time, so he/she has another six months to practice before we meet again. The game hits all the marks. It’s fun, cost effective, takes up very little space, and has ultimate replay-ability.

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