About Us

Yard and Pub Games is about sharing our interest and enjoyment of recreational games. We are a group of friends  with a healthy competitive spirit who enjoy discovering new games and honing our skills on our favorite classic games.  Our goal is to be a hub for all those seeking not only the most fun games to play with friends and family, but also the best equipment/sets available.

A little about how we rank our favorite/best game sets.  We take into account price, durability, style and personal experiences to determine the best all around sets.  For example, a $350 Cornhole set may be hand down the most sturdy, easiest to set up, and comes with the best bags, but it’s way too expensive, so it won’t make number 1 rank.

We do no own any part of nor are we employed by any of the game companies/manufacturers we highlight.  Therefore, we are completely objective and unbiased in our recommendations.  Yard and Pub Games hopes you find our reviews and commentary helpful enough that you use our links to purchase these games & accessories through the Amazon links we provide.  This will allow us to continue updating our site with new posts about new games and in this scenario, unlike most yard and pub games played - everybody wins!

We'd love to hear your favorite games and stories, so drop us a line at yardandpubgames@gmail.com or feel free to comment on any of our posts.